About - Adam Matthews

Ever since the day my grandfather and I watched the first episode of Thomas the Tank Engine together I have always been fascinated by railroads. My grandfather was a train lover, being the Vice Superintendent of Shipping at the Lorain, OH US Steel plant gave him a front-row seat to the Golden Age of Railroads. As I grew up my interests in the history and evolution of the steam locomotive became more and more complex.

During my time at Kent State University, I would find myself at home on the weekends at what was then Ohio's largest model railroad shop. While there I had the pleasure of doing the R&D work for several sold-out runs of custom products by MTH Electric Trains and Weaver Models. If a customer walked into the store with a historical or technical question the older employees would immediately refer them to me which turned more than a few heads.

For more on my Two Level O-Gauge Model Railroad click here.

Currently, I volunteer my time managing the social media channels of the Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society Inc. Along with contributing and crafting the monthly electronic members-only newsletter.

Thanks to both my parents being teachers I have traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada. This has allowed me to see many of the greatest railroad landmarks and ride behind some of the most famous preserved steam and diesel locomotives in the country.

Why Train Wizard? - I'm a huge Harry Potter fanatic of course!